“London Has Fallen”- Review:

The sequel to the surprise hit Olympus Has Fallen, Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) discovers a plan to assassinate all world leaders who attend the funeral of the British Prime Minister. Aaron Eckhart is reprising his role as President Ben Asher, as is Morgan Freeman as VP Trumbull.

Olympus Has Fallen was a lot better then It should have been. Antoine Fuqua directed the original, which was a whole lot of fun. It doubled its budget, and some critics recognized that it was a good time at the movies. Eckhart was good as The Commander in Chief, and Freeman was good as the reluctant as Speaker of the House that was thirst into the countries most stressful position at such a devastating time. Will London Has Fallen repeat the originals success?

I had so much fun with this film. Gerard Butler has to be the best secret service agent if all time. This time he must protect the president from Aamir Barkawi (Alon Aboutboul) who is extracting his revenge on America for accidentally killing his daughter after a drone attack.

All the performances are solid. Freeman, Eckahart, and Angela Bassett all feel as important as their real life counterparts. Every time the president is in harms way you feel that tension even though you know he’ll be okay.

The action is over the top and bombastic, the performances are just as good this time around. The only flaw is the predictability, but you aren’t going to a movie called London Has Fallen for a riveting plot. You go for the action and the thrills. This movie has that hand over fist.


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