“Keanu”- Review:

Key and Peele are comedic geniuses in my eyes. When Keanu was announced I was excited at the thought of theirs first feature film together no matter what the premises. I got a John Wick spoof vide from all the trailers, instead of a dog the pet is a cute cat named Keanu, and our two leads aren’t exactly playing this one straight. Hopefully this goes well for Key and Peele and they can be the next breakout comedy duo.

Key and Peele hit a home run here. Keanu has a simple premise. The cutest cat of all time Keanu comes to Rell (Jordan Peele) at a crucial time in his life. His cousin Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) is a family man who is thrust into this journey to get Rell’s beloved Keanu back after he’s kidnapped.

Key and Peele can do whatever they want at this point. The comedic timing is always sharp and for me all of the jokes hit. I was laughing throughout. The way they play up their gangster persona is hilarious!

Supporting cast is great as well. Cheddar (Method Man) is the leader of a drug running ring. In his crew are Hi-C (Tiffany Haddish) Bud (Jason Mitchell) and Trunk (Darell Brit-Gibson). There’s a scene in Clarence’s soccer mom van with all of the gang which is pretty golden. Method Man and Jason Mitchell shine in their small roles.

I loved Keanu. I laughed throughout, the story was coherent enough to make this a really fun day at the movies.


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