“Independence Day: Resurgence”- Review:

Twenty years after the first alien invasion on Independence Day, Earth is threatened by a new extraterrestrial juggernaut. Will our world’s plan of attack hold up with twenty years to prepare?

The original was a fun, cheesy, and over the top thrill ride. Resurgence is also all those things. Roland Emmerich directs all the action perfectly again. The explosions and laser blasts all pop right off the screen. Visually stunning.

The performances are solid as well, a unique blend of the old guard and new of this franchise. Liam Hemsworth, Maika Monroe, and Jessie T. Usher all shine in their huge roles. On screen it looked like they were having a blast which was infectious. Usher plays Captain Dylan Hiller, Steven Hiller’s (Will Smith) son. He feels his fathers legacy bearing down on him and now he has to live up to that. His character was the most flushed out, along with Patricia Whitmore, presidents daughter.

Jeff Goldbloom is back along with Bill Polman. They are a sight as always. The nostalgia kick alone made their appearance worth it. The former president has an inspirational speech as he did in the original. The relationship with daughter Patricia flushes his character out a whole lot.

Some negatives include a force conflict between Jake (Hemsworth) and Dylan (Usher) there was no reason for it, the story benefited none from that. A technical issue is the CGI on Bill Polman’s face. It was noticeably awful.

This is just another fun time at the movies. The original had cool catchphrases and explosions, as did this one. Emmerich nods to his previous film, while trying to capture some of the magics he garnered 20 years ago.


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