“Huntsman: Winters War”-Review:

Snow White and The Huntsman was a decent film. Kristen Stewart was wooden as Snow White, but that’s how she is normally. Chris Hemsworth and Charliez Theron were the saving graces of it, and thankfully they return for the sequel. With some new pieces with Jessica Chastain as Sara, The Huntsman’s love interest and Emily Blunt as Queen Freya. Never a mistake to add that kind of talent. Let’s see how this fantasy sequel turns out.

I had a lot of fun with this movie. Plot is simple. The Huntsman now has to stop the evil Ice Queen Freya (Blunt) from getting her hands on the mirror. Sara (Chastain) accompanies him on this journey, having been life long friends and lovers.

Performances are solid across the board. Hemsworth and Chastain have to deliver their lines in absurd Irish accents, but miraculously pull it off. They have phenomenal chemistry, they really make this movie. Emily Blunt as this evil ice queen is very bland and one note. Now that I think on it, I guess she was cold, as she was supposed to be. Charlize Theron literally pops in for the first and last five minutes for no reason. I understood how she got there but it just seemed unnecessary.

Most of the visuals are a sight. There is some good world building, leaving you with just enough to want to explore other lands in future installments.

Having seen the first film, I knew not to expect too much here. I was there to watch Hemsworth kick some ass, and he did, and I ended up with a pretty good love story, and really funny dwarfs. If you’re going to pick apart a Snow White sequel based on a secondary character, then you really need to get your expectations in order.


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