“Hardcore Henry”- Review:

Nothing like this has ever come out. A live action, full length film all shot in the first person. As an avid video game player
I’m thrilled to watch such a revolutionary film experience.

What can you expect going into a film called Hardcore Henry? I expect balls to the wall action, with crazy camera work. Is that what you get for an hour and half? Yes. In spades.

The action is so visceral and gory. Body parts being flung in the air and bodies being tossed off the side of buildings is just a small percentage of what we see here.

We aren’t watching this movie for a riveting story. The story is good enough to get us to another huge action scene. I was in awe of this film. It was so gory, and so over the top, shot in such a unique way. I wanted to go back and watch it again immediately.


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