“Eddie the Eagle”- Review:

Two Olympic movies in two weeks, that’s different. These are two very different athletes however. Jesse Owens was a freak of nature, he couldn’t be stopped on the track. Eddie is a different feel good story. He has the heart to be a champion, he kept getting knocked down, and he just got up every time.

Taron Edgerton plays Eddie Edwards. Taron broke out in last years Kingsman: The Secret Service, a true surprise that captivated audiences from start to finish, in part due to Edgerton’s performance. Hugh Jackman is Bronson Peary, Eddies trainer and former Olympic champion ski jumper. This film is a true and triumphant story with two great actors in the lead, we should be in for a great film.

Taron Edgerton proved that he is more than an action star in Eddie the Eagle. After a couple of scenes, I believed he was this guy. He completely amerced himself in the role. Eddie was such an inspiration. Getting told no time and time again, just to stand up and say that I won’t take no for an answer. You felt his struggle, and his triumph.

What can you say about Hugh Jackman at this point? He’s a great, world class actor and he showed that he plays a good fatherly figure to Eddie here. Even in his reluctance to coach, he sees himself in Eddie, and knows that he has to see it through.

Jo Hartley plays Janette Edwards, Eddies Mum as the Brits say. She deserves a lot of recognition. You felt that love that she has for him, this undying support of his dream. It never wavered. I am lucky enough to have a mother like that, and I saw some of her in Janette, and it truly touched me to see that relationship.

This is one of those great sports films. You go through the ups, and downs but Coke out feeling like you’ve witnessed someone’s rise to becoming the best athlete they can be. Isn’t that what it’s about?


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