“Central Intelligence”- Review:

Bob Stone (The Rock) was the fat kid in high school, now he is a CIA agent. Stone needs codes decrypted to save the world, which leads him into recruiting accountant Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) too assist him.

Central Intelligence was a fun time from start to finish. If you’re a fan of Kevin Hart’s schtick you’ll love this movie, if you aren’t, you may struggle finding the humor in it. I think Kevin Hart is a movie star at this point. He just does his schtick and you either love him or hate him. I loved him in this. A huge part of why I did was his banter with The Rock.

If Kevin Hart is a movie star The Rock is a mega star. He kills it in this movie as a vulnerable man who can’t love down what happened to him in high school. Of course, Stone is a bad ass CIA agent and who better to play that here than The Rock. His scenes taking people out are so over the top.

A negative with the film is it’s predictability. You know what’s coming from a hundred miles out and it never veers from that path. It’s directed in a bland way for the most part as well. Nothing behind the camera was original.

There were plenty of surprise cameos in this film. It made the flow of the story a lot more fun. The chemistry between The Rock and Hart is there in spades. If you go too see this movie for The Rock and Kevin Hart you’ll have a blast. Don’t escort much else.


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