“Captain America: Civil War”- Review:

After being introduced to all of Marvels finest starting in 2008 with Ironman, everyone had hope that this was in the works. Civil War is one of the most iconic story arcs in comic history, most movie fans are excited to see how this plays out on the big screen. With the added wrinkle of a newly acquired Spider-Man from Sony, it became a whole lot more interesting. Most fans have wanted that first big crossover character from Sony or Fox. Kevin Fegie struck a deal with Sony to bring Spidey into the Avengers family. On that fact alone this is exciting.

The Russo Brothers return for their second Captain America film, following The Winter Solider. Personally that is my favorite comic book film, so having them back is great. There’s a bunch of avengers in this film, all of them really minus The Hulk and Thor. Hopefully The Russo’s can balance this hefty task of having so many characters returning, and new characters Black Panther (Chadwick Boseman) and Spider-Man (Tom Holland). They grounded Winter Solider in reality and brought a gritty tone, I hope they can ground this huge film in reality.

This opinion maybe a bit impulsive, but this is the best MCU movie ever. Performances are great across the board. Every time I see Robert Downey Jr. as Ironman I feel more strongly that he is the most iconic actor in a superhero role. He is Ironman. That is high praise, but I can now say the same about Chris Evans as Captain America. The way he conveys his emotion is beautiful. You feel what he feels. His love for Bucky, for justice and The Avengers.

Have to touch on the newcomers here. The Black Panther (Chadwick Bowesman) just killed it here. His character motivation was all clear, and we went on his motivational journey with him. Plus he just looked phenomenal. That costume was beautiful and it popped off the screen. He has to play up a Nigerian accent here which was a bit jarring at first but he fell right into it as we moved along.

Spider-Man Spider-Man! This was such a treat. Tom Holland brought it to his scenes. He played so well off of RDJ so effortlessly. Their banter was hilarious. We got some of his snarky one liners while he’s gliding through the air.

Sebastian Stan has become a superstar as Winter Solider. He has such an internal struggle. His past has just come back to plague him time after time, which makes the end of the film heartbreaking.

Anthony and Joe Russo bring that same realism and grit from The Winter Solider to Civil War. Getting great performances out of all their actors and developing that conflict that drives this film. Along with that they balance all these different personalities, from the seriousness of Cap, all the way to Ant-Man’s wit. No understating the action scenes as well. That airport scene was fantastic. So much stuff up on the screen and you can’t take your eyes off it.

I loved Civil War. From second one I was in. I couldn’t stop watching it, there was always something gripping happening. From new characters to old I was emotionally invested. The Russo’s are the best directors in this universe.

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