“Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice”- Review

Finally. After three years of waiting, after rapid speculation and excitement we are here. We’ve reached our destination and I can’t wait. Since Affleck was cast as the bat I’ve been excited. I personally think he’s a great fit and has an infinite amount of talent in front of and behind the camera.

Henry Cavill has proved that he can carry a film on his back in Man of Steel. His performance as Clark Kent/Superman was phenomenal, other worldly as his character is. He embodies Superman. The only hesitation I have had with this film is Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. He looks like he is too over the top already, and we’ve only seen him for a couple of minutes cumulatively in the trailers and he looks the level of Schwarzenegger Mr. Freeze cheese.

Contrary to many other opinions, I love Gal Gadot. In Fast and Furious she has a small role, but is pretty good in her scenes. There is an aurora about her that lights up the frame. In the trailers she just commands attention. I’m hoping for that same screen presence. She’s also one of the most beautiful people on the planet. That doesn’t hurt. This movie could be one of the biggest all time financially. Can Dawn of Justice be one of the best super hero films ever?

I was in Aw watching BvS. From beginning to end I was enthralled with the story, and how Zack Snyder got us from point a, all the way to Z. Look, we all knew going in that Snyder was a great visual director. However he handles all these moving parts with such grace. I never felt like anything was thrown in, or didn’t have its place. It all tied together in a coherent and logical way.

The performances across the board were fantastic. Starting with Ben Affleck as Batman. Wow, this maybe a tad premature, but he IS BATMAN. When you think of Batman you’ll think of Affleck. He’s that dark, brooding, and seasoned vet that we’ve always wanted. At the same time he’s that slick and suave Bruce Wayne.

Henry Cavill as Superman is phenomenal. That moral dilemma he had in Man of Steel is set aside here, through his performance you still can see that pain he feels. He wants to be apart of this world. He knows everyday that this becomes less possible.

When Wonder Woman comes on screen it’s a game changer. She looks like she belongs. The character and Gal Gadot both. She is a breath of fresh air here. She handles her action scenes with elegance. She played Diana Prince classy as well. When you first see her you’re on board.

The supporting cast is stellar as well. I was very skeptical of Jesse Eisenberg as Alex Luthor. Those elements of cheese are there for sure, but his character does end up taking a turn I didn’t expect. Jeremy Irons as Alfred was top notch. He has great banter with Bruce and you buy that they’ve been together for a very long time.

The one glaring negative I have is Lois Lane. It’s noting on Amy Adam’s portrayal of her, she’s great as always. She’s just written as a damsel in distress essentially. She just needs to be saved. That bothered me a little bit. If anything were going to go over poorly in this movie, I’d much rather it have been Lois Lane.

BvS is one of those movies that you will either love or hate. You either will think there is too much set up going on, or you’ll see that it all is shaped within the thread of the story. I thought it flowed well at two hours and thirty minutes. Now I can’t wait to see what happens in Wonder Woman and Justice League. You can’t help getting excited for those films, no matter where you stand here.

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