“Barbershop: The Next Cut”- Review:

Violence in south side Chicago inspires long time barbershop owner Calvin (Ice Cube) to hold a cease fire for 48 hours. Rallying around him is that same crew we came to know and love.

Having loved the first two films, I already had a feeling as to what I was getting here. A lot of barbershop shenanigans, and some crazy lines from Eddie (Cedric the Entertainer). What I got was much more than that. While having that same togetherness and joyful spirit the other two films has, The Next Cut goes deeper into the problems that Chicago has faced in recent years.

There’s a little love triangle between Rashad (Common), Terri (Eve) and Draya (Nicki Minaj) that was just there to give the two ladies something to do, but it doesn’t hinder the film or the message it sends. All three of their performances are solid. Common being the best of the bunch, falling into becoming a really good actor of late.

Ice Cube is the heart of these movies. He makes Calvin such a relatable guy. Feeling his struggle, his love for the business and his city all shine through here, especially in the third installment, the best of the bunch in my opinion.

The Next Cut didn’t have to be the movie it was. It could’ve been like its predecessors, a fun lighthearted, time at the barbershop. It’s topical, true to life, and a heart filled love letter to the great city of Chicago. If you’re going for the jokes, you’ll get plenty, but you’ll leave inspired by the love that this shop had for its community.


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