“10 Cloverfield Lane”- Review:

The secrecy behind this film is just unprecedented. It has been literally hidden and a trailer dropped around Super Bowl time out of no where. Not to mention the trailer itself is phenomenal. There isn’t anything given away, you can tell that these characters are living underground, due to the world being in shambles due to the events of Cloverfield. Mary Elizabeth Winstead makes the trailer great. She has such a look of terror on her face, like she’s seen something she can’t un see. If nothing else I’m curious to see how this all pays off.

Suspense and tension are the feelings I had watching this. Dan Trachtenberg’s direction was brilliant. I was on the edge of my seat. You never know which direction this movie is going to go, you think you’re going one way and we just went into a completely different direction. That confined space is something you felt throughout. I felt trapped with these characters.

The acting is superb. John Goodman plays Howard, he spent years building this bunker in the event of nuclear warfare or extraterrestrial attacks. He pulled that psycho, controlling, overbearing, lunatic act very well. I was unnerved by Howard. It was hard to believe what he was saying, and the director played that up very well, with the mystery of what actually is going on outside.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is the star here. Vulnerability, and strength oozed from her character. One night she goes out for a drive, she gets in an accident and wakes up in this bunker. You could tell that she was lost, but once she got used to her surroundings, she knew it was time to get to work and plot an escape.

10 Cloverfield Lane isn’t a cliche horror flick. It’s packed with suspense and tension, with great performances. Once the film starts, you’re in for a ride full of twists and turns.


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