“Zoolander 2”- Review:

The original Zoolander is one of my favorite comedies of all time. Ben Stiller as Derek Zoolander and Owen Wilson as Hansel are icon ice roles in the comedy genre. It was funny from beginning to end. Will the sequel be able to capture some of that magic 15 years later?

No, but it would’ve been hard to capture that again anyway. It’s good to see Ben Stiller come back to this iconic role, that’s where the positives begin and end. The plot is so far out there, with no real thread to carry us from scene to scene. I may have chuckled a couple of times, but never a gut busting laugh, the original was filled with those.

The performances all feel like a nostalgia trip. Seeing Wilson back as Hansel was fun but there isn’t anything new there, Penelope Cruz is just along for the ride as an Interpol agent, helping Derek find his son.

Nothing of note here, celebrity cameos are in abundance, but the laughs aren’t.

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