“While We’re Young” – Review:

Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver, and Amanda Seyfried star in a smaller indie film directed and written by Noah Baumbach. It chronicles the story of an older couple befriending a younger couple in an attempt to get in touch with their younger selves.

This movie gives us a really insightful look at what happens to us when we get older and how we are when we are young. The use of the technology really puts up a mirror to our society. There’s a cool montage of Josh (Stiller) and Jamie (Driver) where Josh is scrolling though his Apple TV and Jamie is putting in a vhs tape. It mocks the hipsters and the forty something’s but at the same time tells us how they are in a really intellectual way.

This is Ben Stillers best performance in years and he really delivers with some great material from Baumbach. His character Josh is flawed and ambitious all at the same time. He really wants to get his documentary right and has been working on it for ten years. Josh teaches a class about docs where he meets Jamie and Darby (Seyfried). They become friends and Josh and his wife Cornellea (Watts) are swept up into this twenty something’s hipster world and it brings them back to their youth. Naomi Watts and Seyfried are great as the wives of our two respective male leads.

Josh and Cornella have trouble fitting into a world of their own while everyone their age are having kids while they aren’t ready. This really drives a rift between them and the couple their own age. It really works. That’s how the world is. When you have a kid and someone else doesn’t it really drives a rift between once close friends.

As we get deeper into the film Jamie has an idea for a documentary that he wants Josh to help him with which he does. As they go on shooting Josh learns some things that really flip a switch in his mind that makes him turn on Jamie and put his ethics and whole friendship into question. There’s a great speech by stiller at the end. He talks about authenticity and integrity while speaking to Jamie. Josh is trying to gain the success Jamie now has which didn’t take Jamie long. Josh wants to do things the right way while Jamie wants to be successful by any means.

This was a really superb film. I loved it. While we’re young was an adult comedy that knows exactly when it needs to be dramatic and knows when to let you laugh. Go see this one if its playing near you.

9/10 stubs


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