“Vacation”- Review:

Will this remake take us back down the holiday road? Ed Helms stars as Rusty Griswold taking his wife Debbie (Christina Applegate) and two sons, James and Kevin to Walley World in an attempt to bring the family closer together.

Chevy Chase and Harold Ramis struck gold with Vacation. Those movies had heart and you could really get behind the family dynamic because of how relatable their situation was. You still had that same feeling of the family in the sequels, but with the exception being Christmas Vacation, they weren’t as funny as the original. Seeing the family again was always good though, and those movies no matter how you feel about the two lesser sequels will always stand the test of time for no other reason than the performance of Chevy Chase and his antics. Will Ed Helms’s portrayal of Rusty be enough to have people wanting to see more?

I think this movie is really getting undeserved flack. Is it the best comedy? No, but it’s a lot better than 20 something percent on rotten tomatoes. There were plenty laugh out loud moments in this movie. It’s not as good as the other vacation movies but it definitely had its moments.

Some problems however, I don’t think Ed Helms was right for Rusty, Charlie Day and even Chris Hemsworth who were both in the movie in limited roles would’ve been better Rusty’s in my opinion. They are a lot funnier than Ed Helms is and that’s a shame because he wasn’t bad, I just didn’t think it fit. Some of the jokes didn’t really hit, like the younger brother and older brother dynamic, yeah it’s funny the first time but the whole time it got a bit old.

The rest of the cast is great, Christiana Applegate as Debbie was a solid performance, she was funnier than I expected. The kids were pretty good too when they weren’t complete asshats to each other.

You go to this movie though for the cameos of Charlie Day, Chris Hemsworth and Chevy Chase. Those moments in the film were the best parts. Which is good and bad. You don’t want your movie to be funny only through the small performances. Those were the jokes that hit the hardest.

If you expect seeing a movie as good as the other Vacation movies then you’ll be let down, if you want a good, raunchy summer comedy, than you’ll have a good time. I certainly did. Nostalgia at its finest.


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