“Transporter Refuled”- Review:

This action franchise is getting another shot. The team behind the Taken Trilogy brings us Transporter Refueled. Frank Martin is now played by newcomer Ed Skrien, and his father is played by the always solid Ray Stevenson.

What can I say about the previous trilogy? The movies are pretty fun for what they are. Jason Statham brings a certain credibility to a fun action role like this. He’s suave and bad ass in those films. However, he’s just playing Jason Statham, which has been his calling card. The movies themselves aren’t much when it comes to storytelling, Frank picks up package, Frank delivers package and things aren’t what they seem. Will Ed Skrien bring anything new to the Frank Martin character?

Honestly, it was cool to see Skrien get a shot at a character like this. The best parts of this movie involved him and his interactions with his father. They really played well off each other, great chemistry there.

They really don’t have much to do story wise. This movie is just another Transporter film. However, here the action is really fun. Skrien kicked a lot of ass, drove really fast, and killed it behind the wheel. He did well with what he was given, which was another bland action film.

The pacing is a bit off as well. Once you feel like things have wrapped up in the movie, it’s like they hit the rewind button. The same thing happens again and we’re going through the same issues that Frank had to deal with just minutes prior. There’s a whole lot of time wasted on the escort ring leader. We didn’t really need to see that story. That was just there to take up time.

The three mistresses that you see in the trailers aren’t hard to look at, and when they are on the screen with Frank Martin, it’s electric. They are gorgeous. I could watch them all day.

There’s some really fun action here, all the car work was fantastic. Along with the fight scenes. There’s nothing here story wise. I can’t send you to the theater to check this out, but on cable or redbox, you’ll have fun. I hope we get a better team on board to helm a sequel with Skrien and Stevenson.


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