“Tomorrowland”- Review:

“So you wanted to see Tomorrowland? Here it comes” George Clooney says ever so eloquently in the trailer as he plays Frank Walker. Starring along with Clooney is the uber like able new comer Brit Robertson as Casey. I’m a pretty big fan of everyone involved here especially director Brad Bird who gave us two Pixar masterpieces in The Incredibles and Ratouille and live action visual action packed spectacle that was Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. His batting average is 1.000 so far let’s see if this one is a homer as well. He did turn down Star Wars for this after all.

Well this one I can say wasn’t a home run, a ground ruled double, but no home run. I really wanted to love this movie, I went into the movie ready to love it. I just ended up liking it a good deal.

Brad Bird is a solid visual director and that really rings true here, there are plenty of beautiful shots that are worth the price of admission alone. It’s beautifully shot. Brad Birds movies always are. He got solid performances out of his actors across the board. As I said before I’m such a massive fan of all of his previous work that I wanted to really love this one. I can’t say enough good things about the man as a film maker. There are some really incredible shots in the Eiffel Tower scene. It was a sight to see for sure!

As expected the acting is solid across the board. George Clooney is very good as the grumpy “old man” Frank Walker. Walker is essentially the key to Tomorrowland for the main protagonist Casey played well by Brit Robertson. They play well off each other. The pessimism of Walker and the overly optimistic Casey made for a pretty interesting, yet cliched dynamic, but with these two actors it was fun to watch. Hugh Laurie plays Nix and plays a pretty key role to the big picture of Tomorrowland. The role of Athena is played by Raffey Cassidy. This is a break out role for her and she was phenomenal here. When the film delves into her character you find yourself feeling a great deal of sympathy for her.

There was just something the movie was lacking for me, that was a third act that was a tad more cohesive and more of a villainous prescience.

The villainous role is just very short and isn’t very impactful, his role is important to the story, it’s just not well realized. You don’t know why he is how he is. It seems like Nix is just there to fight our protagonists. He wasn’t very flushed out.

The film just falls apart in the third act, which is a bummer because from the beginning of the film I was glued to the screen and cared about all the interactions between the characters and the story is easy enough to follow up until they actually go to Tomorrowland. Once there it’s just like snap snap snap and then the movie is over, it felt very rushed and just contrived to be honest. It didn’t come about naturally. It just ended. I understood what was happening while the ending came about, it was just quick and you’re just like “oh that’s it?”

They really do drive home the message of this movie. Never give up, look towards the future, contribute to society etc. It was a bit overbearing at times but it was a great message to pass on to the youngsters that will be watching. At times it does feel a bit much. At one point Athena says “Do you want to go backwards or forwards” cmon! Even I can say that’s a bit much. Still think the message is worth sending.

To wrap it up Tomorrowland is visually stunning and directed and acted exceptionally well. However the story is a bit unfinished and a bit cliche without a solid antagonist. I enjoyed watching it for most of the time it was on but the third act really was just a departure from the rest of the film. It was like watching two different movies almost.

On visuals and acting alone this one is worth your dollar, go see it this weekend.


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