“The Walk” – Review

Robert Zemeckis is the mind behind so many brilliant films. Forest Gump, Back to the Future, Cast Away, and Flight. What is there to say about those film. Just iconic works of art. So when you see that Zemeckis, is writing and directing the story of Philippe Petit and he will be played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, I couldn’t help but be excited for this movie. The trailers alone were a sight to behold. Will the movie be?

Yes it is. The movie is shot immaculately. So many wide shots of the twin towers, that show how grand they are and just how much they towered over every other building in New York. You felt that size. Zemeckis does a good job of making you feel the tension as well. When Petit is going through the process of hanging this wire across the twin towers you find yourself on the edge of your seat before he even takes his first step. That’s the fear that is really the most prevalent. Feeling that tension before the wire is hung.

At times it feels like a heist film, Petit takes his crew through the Towers multiple times while there are construction crews on duty, to reliever supplies to start hanging the wire. In these moments you feel that tension. There is a scene where Petite and one of his accomplices hang from a beam that is 110 stories high while waiting for a guard to leave. They were there for hours. It was insane.

Gordon-Levitt brings a weight to this performance that makes you want him to succeed more than anything else. This is an Oscar worthy performance. He amerces himself in this roll. He narrates the film from the torch of The Statue of Liberty. That was always fun. Seeing him give some insight to what was going on in his mind while going on this journey. The accent is great as well. You never think “oh that’s JGL doing a French accent” you just buy it.

I bought everything about this movie. The visuals, the performance of Levitt and the real feeling I had that “wow someone really accomplished this.”


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