“The Revenant”- Review:

Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) is on a fur trading expedition in the 1820’s. His quest becomes one of survival after a viscous bear attack that leaves him left for dead in the middle of the forest. Not to mention his hunting team abandons him lead by John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy).

This is the dream team of filmmaking. Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu, best director from 2015’s best picture Birdman. Leonardo DiCaprio is a thespian actor of the past 20 years. Nominated for virtually every performance of the past five years, without winning the big one is a feat in itself. Pairing him with Tom Hardy, who has had a great half decade with appearances in two great Nolan films (Dark Knight Rises, Inception) and one of his lesser known performances in Warrior, which put him in the forefront. This is a winning team, so will this be the home run that we all expect?

Iñarritu is a superstar director. This was shot using natural light, think of how massive a feat that is. You’re literally using the sun. Every frame is beautiful, you could have a snapshot hung on your wall. He was great at establishing that gritty ton. Right off the bat you’re thrown into a crazy standoff. There were was a lot of one shots throughout, but especially in that scene.

He captures the scope brilliantly. You really can’t tell a change in location, but when characters are traveling you fee that distance.

Every gunshot and stab wound is devastating. Going on Hugh Glass’s journey, you have the stakes in the back of your mind. If he gets shot or stabbed that could kill him, and it’ll be devastating.

Obviously Leo kills it. His performance broke my heart. The ups, but mostly downs that his character endures is unbearable even as a viewer. He’s managed to become Hugh Glass, just like Jordan Belfort in 2013. Don’t look now, but he could be getting that Oscar this year.

Tom Hardy is despicable. John Fitzgerald is essentially the reason that we are set on this journey. He starts off as a really disgusting human being, but as the movie unfolds he manages to become unbearable. Hardy’s performance is stellar in that way. You’re supposed to despise Fitzgerald and you do, more than you care to admit.

Will Poulter and Domhnall Gleeson shine in lesser roles. Playing Bridger and Captian Andrew Henry. Both performances shouldn’t be understated. They are in a good chunk of this, and every scene they are in brings a deeper layer to the forefront.

This was that home run I expected from this team. All the awards you can think of Actor, supporting actor, director, and best picture will have pieces of The Revenant represented. Only flaw I have if I’m nitpicking is that it’s a little too long, you don’t feel the run time, doesn’t wear on you at all. It’s a brilliant film, you need to see this on the big screen.


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