“The Perfect Guy”- Review:

So how many of these “Fatal Attraction” movies not titled Fatal Attraction are we going to get this year? This year “The Boy Next Door” really kicked us off on this kick, and then the following month, a little flick called “Fifty Shades of Grey” hit everyone in the mouth with bullshit. I can call it a guilty pleasure. Others don’t see it that way.

This time around we have the damsel in distress Leah (Sanna Lathan) who breaks up with her long time boyfriend Dave (Morris Chesnut). Not much time goes by before she’s out alone drinking when Carter (Michael Ealy) comes along to sweep her off her feet. The family loves him she loves him. Then he snaps. Not as perfect as Leah seems? Of course not. Let’s hope this is watchable.

Watchable? Yes. Is that saying much? Not really. Let me start with the short list of redeeming qualities. The Sanna Lathan plays a decent damsel in distress and she isn’t tough to look at. She’s gorgeous. Also Michael Ealy, he plays this role so cheesy at times that you find yourself laughing. Just utter stupidity. In one instance Leah and Dave were doing the dirty, and the shot pans from the bed to under the bed, where Michael Ealy looks directly into the camera. I lost my mind. I took it more as a so bad it’s good kind of deal.

The movie took itself to seriously. We know what we’re getting going in. A lame story, with a convenient plot that just takes you right down generic city. It was just bland. The director did nothing special behind the camera, at points the movie just fades to black and then just pops into the next scene. Where is the art? He does nothing behind the camera to enhance the story. He doesn’t get anything great out of his actors. Not even anything serviceable. At an hour and forty minutes this movie drags at a snails pace.

I can’t recommend you see this. You’re better off watching Fifty Shades of Grey or dare I say The Boy Next Door. Both cut from the same cloth. Both guilty pleasures, so bad that they are good. This takes itself so serious that you try to laugh at it, but then you’re just waiting for it to end after the movie tries to pull you into the story. I’d rather watch a Fatal Attraction ripoff with J-LO then anyone else.


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