“The Man From U.N.C.L.E.”- Review

A spy movie with Batman and Superman? Armie Hammer and Henry Cavill star in Guy Ritchie’s newest flick. If you didn’t know, George Miller was going to direct a Justice League film and Hammer was on board to play the Dark Knight. Just incase that reference was lost on some of you.

This spy film was flying a bit under the radar. The property itself isn’t that well known, and we really don’t know if these two can carry a film that doesn’t have that brand behind it, and that recognition of some properties. Man of Steel, the most polarizing superhero of all time, his get up is worn by Henry Cavill, and he brought Superman to life. Now WB, has a whole cinematic universe with Cavill at the center. Armie Hammer didn’t do as well. Lone Ranger was a dud at the box office, and since then he’s really been treading water. He had a little cameo in Entourage, which doesn’t really mean anything, because my mom probably had a cameo in Entourage. Guy Ritchie is one of the best do ever get behind the camera. Forest Gump, Cast Away, and Flight are just phenomenal. It seems like he has the tools at his disposal here. Can he turn Man from Uncle a hit?

I really think Ritchie made a hit. This movie just oozes that old spy movie feel of the fifties and sixties. That was the highlight for me. Never once did I feel like I was watching a set or sound stage. It felt like I was in Russia the entire time. He is brilliant. The movie is visually stunning and I couldn’t take my eyes off it.

Cavill and Hammer, are solid. I thought Hammer’s Russian accent was going to be a hinderance to his performance, but he grew into it as the movie went along. What can you say about Cavill. The guy just has charisma sweating out of him. He’s smooth, charming and is a bad ass in the field. Sounds like James Bond doesn’t it? Maybe Sony should give this movie a look. Alicia Vikander was the stand out, she just steals the show here. Likeable, beautiful, and she is a chameleon. If you saw Ex Machina, she played an AI, and that was a chilling performance. Here she is playing a mysterious piece to a larger puzzle.

Some negatives are to be had however. The movie sometimes is a bit slow at parts, and the story is like pretty much any spy movie you’ve seen before. The performances and Guy Ritchie’s directing really make up for that. This is totally worth a watch while its out.

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