“The Intern”- Review:

This flew a bit under the radar. There wasn’t a ton of marketing for it, and I caught the trailer a couple times in front of other things and didn’t think much of it. Once you see Hathaway and De Niro on screen together that is enough to get your interest. Just those two alone, and the trailers were pretty funny. There were some laughs to be had.

As I was watching this movie the one word that kept coming to mind was charming. This is something that you can just sit back, have some laughs and enjoy. It goes without saying that Hathaway and De Niro set the screen on fire when they are together.

The chemistry between them is just magnetic. Hathaway plays Jules, a entrepreneur that puts work before anything else and has a lot on her plate. An ad is put out for senior interns, and that’s when we meet Ben (De Niro). Once you see them together it truly is heart warming. It really is the juxtaposition of the two characters at the core of them. Jules is always on the go and when she hires Ben she learns to slow down, and just take one thing at a time.

That being said, there are some really funny moments as well. One of them being when Ben leads a crusade to delete an email from someone else’s computer. Speaking of computers, Nancy Myers really played up the fact that Ben has no idea what hit him when he steps foot into this place. Not knowing how to turn the MacBook on really got my theater going.

As for negatives, it really is like any film you’ve ever seen. Generic story, with two of the best actors of this generation at the forefront. They do really well with this material, but the material is pretty paint by numbers. If it wasn’t for De Niro and Hathaway’s execution, it could’ve fallen flat.

This is a charming, cute flick to take the grandparents to see this weekend. There are some laughs to be had and it’s never a bad thing to see De Niro at work.



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