“The H8ful Eight”- Review:

Quentin Tarantino is towards the top of the list of best directors working today. Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Inglorious Bastards, and Django Unchained. He hasn’t missed. Should we except anything less from The Hateful Eight? I don’t think so.

A bounty hunter John Ruth (Kurt Russell) is taking Daisy Domergu (Jennnifer Jason Lee) to hang, and collect a ten thousand dollar bounty, when a blizzard hits and they encounter another bounty hunter Major Marquis Warren (Samuel L. Jackson) who needs a ride. They seek shelter at a cabin that’s inhabited by nefarious characters.

He may have hit this ball further out then he did the last. Don’t get me wrong, I love Django, but this is one of the best films of the year, if not the best of Tarantino. You get the gore, the unique timeline, and the great characters.

Once Ruth and Lee get to this cabin Tarantino has you on edge. You know something is up right off the bat, and once you get to the point in the story where it’s laid out for us, it’ll blow you away.

It’s shot beautifully, the winter of Wyoming looks deep and endless in its scope. You’re only in the snow for a small amount of time but you feel it throughout. That brutal cold takes a toll on our characters.

All the performances are great. Top to bottom. Kurt Russell and Samuel L. Jackson get back to that level of acting that you used to expect them at. They are at their height in this movie.

Hateful 8 is a masterpiece and I loved unraveling the pieces to this puzzle. Tarantino has done it again.


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