“The Good Dinosaur”- Review:

When you talk about a sure thing in the film world, it’s getting a great film from Disney/Pixar. The Good Dinosaur looks to be another smash hit in 2015. The trailers have been adorable. The animation, flawless. It’s a pretty interesting concept, what if that meteor missed? What would the world be today? Can The Good Dinosaur answer that question in the same lovable, charming, and beautifully done way that Pixar always does?

The Good Dinosaur is a beautiful film about family, and brotherhood. It’s pretty much a role reversal, the Dinosaurs are the humans and the humans are the dinosaurs. In the terms of how they’ve adapted to the world that they now inhabit. Humans are very primal, and the Dinosaurs are more human. I liked that, this was a cool new idea to explore. Not new in film, but new to the animated genre. A what if, else world scenario.

The writing is great, you feel sympathy for Arlo and Spot. They share a bond in both having been through a tough encounter in life. They have to get through it together, and are very much brothers to each other. I loved watching them bond throughout this movie.

Arlo encounters some T-Rex’s with Spot along his journey, and they take him in for a bit. It showed that the Dinosaurs look out for each other no matter what, it really brought that species together as a family in this film.

Other than the else world idea that this movie provides, it’s a very paint by numbers Disney flick. You come to except a great film every time out, but this was just a good family film, that you should go out and see. It isn’t that same Disney Magic that you except, but it will tug on your heart strings and have the kids on the edge of their seat.


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