“The Forest”- Review:

It’s January so you know what that means. A horror film. Last year it was the sequel to Woman in Black. Disappointing to say the least.

This time it’s The Forest starring Game of Thrones actress Natalie Dormer playing twins Sara and Jess Price. Sara searches for her twin in a Japanese forest, known as a place where people commit suicide, when the paranormal forces begin to surround her.

Is this as bad as Woman in Black 2? No. Texas Chainsaw 3D? No. That’s not saying much. The Forest isn’t good. Generic horror, with a good idea that is executed poorly again.

The bright spot is Natalie Dormer. She shines here. Former deserves a breakout role in a GOOD film. This isn’t it, but she breaths a certain life into a dead story with paper thin characters and generic shaky camera work.

It’s not as bad as those other January atrocities that I mentioned, The Forest is way better than it should’ve been. That really isn’t saying much. A couple creepy images here and there with the same jump scares and false tension as the horror films today.


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