“The Finest Hours”- Review:

Chris Pine and Casey Affleck star in the true story of a Coast Guard rescue attempt off the cost of Cape Cod after two oil tankers have been destroyed in a blizzard.

This was a satisfying experience. Chris Pine brought class to Bernie Webber. I felt the love he had for fulfilling his duty to the Coast Guard. Bernie was a by the book guy, whatever he was told to do by his commander he did. If he was sent out to sea to pretty much die, he wasn’t going down without a fight.

Bernie is sent out with his crew to rescue an oil tanker captained by Ray Sybert (Casey Affleck). Affleck has silently become one of the best actors working today, and he proved that here. In the scenes where his ship is slowly sinking Affleck hardly speaks, but you feel his heart dropping to his stomach with nervousness, and devastation for his crew, and his ship. Ryan was just trying to put off the inevitable, but he tried to have faith that help was on the way when no one else did.

Most of the film is spent out at sea. Director Craig Gillespie shoots the monstrous waves and blizzard as one massive storm that just sideswipes our characters. Where he succeeds here is raising the stakes. You feel that our characters could die at any second.

The only negative is that we go back and forth from sea to land, where we see his girlfriend really trying to keep herself together knowing what could happen to Bernie. It was jarring at points, you’re really enthralled in a scene at sea, then you’re suddenly back on land.

This was a good disaster drama. Pine and Affleck flex their acting muscles and elevate this movie from being just okay, to a really good film.


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