“The 5th Wave”- Review:

YA, one of my favorite film genres. There’s nothing like that experience of reading that book, then going to the movie and seeing how one measures to the other. Chloe Grace Moretz stars as Cassie Sullivan. She’s on a journey to save her brother from a military base that isn’t what it seems. Oh, and she has to fight aliens. The weight of the world rests on her shoulders.

I read this book, I loved it. The 5th Wave was an enthralling tale about a girl and get fight to stay alive in a dystopian future that has been overrun by aliens who can disguise themselves as humans. It was a story about family and love as well. All these themes were brilliantly written for these characters by Rick Yancy. Divergent, The Hunger Games, The Maze Runner all dystopian YA adaptation, that have been profitable. Will we ride that wave to another profitable adaptation in Hollywood?

The 5th Wave had its moments. The positives are the actors, Chloe Moretz brought humanity and a good heart to Cassie Sullivan. If her performance doesn’t portray that she’s lost a lot, and she is fighting to get it all back, then this movie doesn’t work. Levi Schriber as Colonel Vocsh was solid as well. Bringing a menacing, down to business attitude as he leads the attack against the others.

Where this movie falls off is that it lacked character moments. In the book Ben Parish (Nick Robinson) and Sammy Sullivan have a growing relationship, that gradually builds. Eventually you see them become pretty close, almost like brothers. In the movie they don’t really have anything like that. So why would a movie goer care about these two? I feel like a good chunk of character moments were cut.

The movie just goes from scene to scene, it’s not a very smooth progression. That falls on the director J Blakeson. You don’t feel like you’re in that world unfortunately, just going with the motions.

I did like this movie, it’s hard not to having read the book. Chloe Moretz is a great Cassie Sullivan and at its core this movie is about love, loss and redemption. Some of the stuff in between just could’ve been executed better.


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