“The 33”- Review:

A story that had millions around the world glued to their televisions. 33 miners were trapped in the San Jose mines in 2010. They only had three days worth of food, and on the 69th day they were rescued.

This was a very uplifting movie. Just as I watched this story play out on TV, I was enthralled with the situation these men were in. Trapped underground for such a long time. What does that do to a mans psyche? The 33 does a great job of taking you inside the head of a miner, when their worst nightmare becomes a reality.

Antonio Banderas performance was solid. His character Mario kept everyone sane as best he could, but was the strong leader when the miners needed guidance. Banderas’s performance brought more emotional heft, than this film was already going to have.

One of the most important dynamics was the brotherhood between the 33 miners, and director Patricia Riggen did that very well. There is a great scene in the movie where they are gathered to eat the last meal that is rationed, and you can tell that these guys are at their wits end, but all love each other.

There is one glaring negative. This felt like a made for TV movie. Riggen does a great job with that family dynamic, but other than that, this felt like a lifetime movie.

Seeing all the families come together to will their loved ones to safety was beautiful. You just feel their pain and sorrow while watching.

There was a mistress of one of the miners that kept coming around, I thought that was out of place. I didn’t think that did anything to move the story along, it took me out of it a bit.

The 33 tells this true story in a way that will move you, it is the best movie released this week, so if you want to see something, I’d say this is worth going out to see.

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