“Ted 2” – Review:


Your favorite taking teddy bear is back! Ted 2 brings back Mark Wahlberg as John and Seth MacFarlane as Ted. MacFarlane is also back to direct the follow up to the successful first film. Along with Wahlberg and MacFarlane, Amanda Seyfried plays Sam Jackson, Ted’s lawyer. There’s also an abundance of cameos in this film and if I went through them all you’d be in shock.

This time around Ted is in his pursuit of personhood. That’s right, Hollywood has gotten us to the point that we are rooting for a stuffed animal to gain the rights to be considered a human being. Of course things don’t go as planned, so John, Ted, and Sam
Jackson go on a quest to prove Ted is human.

Now I love the first Ted. I’m a huge fan of Seth MacFarlane’s work so to say I was excited for this movie is an understatement. Ted became one of those quotable movies for me. I loved it from start to finish. There’s even a story there that really makes sense. That story is really simple, it doesn’t try to do to much and knew when to hit you with some laughs and a little heart. Is Ted 2 a worthy follow up to its predecessor?

I can confidently say yes. This is a worthy sequel to the original. Is it as good? No of course not, but you would be hard pressed to find a comedy that is from the past say five years. That’s a tough act to follow, based on the success who wouldn’t want to make a sequel. (Apparently Mila Kunis was the only one.) Ted 2 did make me laugh throughout. There are some gut busting laughs here. Seth MacFarlane did a solid job making sure that the movie was paced well, at about two hours it flew by. It is the same type of MacFarlane humor from Family Guy and Ted, but I really like the kind of comedy. His schtick is very controversial and people will love it or hate it, like all of his stuff. If you like MacFarlane and you liked the first Ted like I did you’ll enjoy this one.

The only problem I really had with this movie is that the story is lacking. In Ted the story was simple and you didn’t really find anything to messy about it. Sure, it was very cliche as is this one, but this one tried to do to much I think. If they would’ve focused solely on the Ted citizenship story, fine that is a simple enough story that you can keep the laughs coming and have some heart. Once they started with the whole Giovonni Ribisi story it took the air right out of the balloon. He pretty much does the same thing in this as the original and in this one it really had no place. You don’t care when he’s on screen and it adds nothing to the plot. If that story was cut out you wouldn’t have felt anything was left out.

Ted 2 is a solid comedy sequel that will have you laughing from beginning to end. Elements that made the first one special aren’t present here, but if you want some laughs this is definitely full of them.



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