“Spy”- Review:

A spy comedy to end all spy comedies. Melissa McCarthy stars as Susan Cooper, a desk ridden CIA analyst who volunteers for an undercover mission to take down a deadly arms dealer and you guessed it save the WORLD! Along for the ride are Action star Jason Statham and two more solid actors in Rose Byrne and Jude Law.

The director of Bridesmaids and The Heat, Paul Feig helms this one. I really enjoyed those two and made me laugh throughout, Bridesmaids especially so I have high hopes going into Spy given the talent involved. The trailers were also very very funny.

This one didn’t disappoint. Dare I say this gives Bridesmaids a run for its money? Spy was a great blend of action and comedy. One didn’t over shadow the other, Paul Feig who wrote and directed this did a great job at that. I think his jokes hit for the most part, a couple fall a bit flat, but in most movies that have a comedic element to them. I’m surprised at how well Feig directed the action in this movie. There wasn’t any shaky cam or any of the barley hand held nonsense you get in say the Taken sequels. There’s some neat slow motion shots here as well. Just a great job writing and directing this one I can’t stress that enough. There’s a bond style sequence in the beginning with a song and a pre credit scene, the whole deal, funny stuff.

Great performances across the board. Melissa McCarthy is at her finest as Susan Cooper. She’s doing her same Melissa McCarthy shtick but I feel like this time she came off very very funny, unlike in Tammy. The material she has to work with here is also very solid as well, her delivery is great, she’s becoming a household name in the comedy world at this point. When she’s given good material to work with she really nails it, and this is really good stuff. She’s great in this. Like in The Heat she’s funny throughout. Rose Byrne plays the baddie in this and she was hysterical as well. Her insults are unfiltered and come in spades. She plays well off McCarthy, their banter is fun to watch.

Jason Statham is hilarious in this as well. He tells a lot of elaborate tales of the good ole days and they just get crazier and crazier as the film goes on. You could make an argument that for his short role he’s the best part of the movie. He should get a lot more comedic work after this. Jude Law is doing his best Bond impression here, an audition almost. He contributes some laughs.

Spy is a fun time at the movies. You’ll laugh throughout and the action is solid as well. Feig and McCarthy are at their best.

8/10 stubs.

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