“Spectre”- Review:


“The names Bond, James Bond.” Is it me, or has it felt like an eternity since Skyfall? That was one of the best Bond movies ever, only topped by Casino Royale. The story in Skyfall was so rich, it took Bond back to his roots, and Javier Bardem was one of the best villains in franchise history. How will director Sam Mendes and Daniel Craig top themselves?

Well I think adding Cristoph Waltz to the mix definitely will help. The guy is a world class actor. Bond has to investigate a cryptic message from his past, and it leads him to peeling back the layers of Spectre, the organization that Waltz’s character Oberhauser is the head of. Sam Mendes has all the tools, as of now Craig’s series of Bonds is 2/3, with Quantum of Solace being a huge miss after the great Casino Royale. Will Spectre be the movie that catapults Daniel Craig’s Bond into that “Best Ever” conversation?

Sam Mendes is great shooting this movie. It’s visually gorgeous, and the action sequences were shot very well. Visually, you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen. He keeps the movie going, you don’t really feel the 2 and a half hour run time.

Mendes gets another great performance out of Daniel Craig, who delivers time after time no matter what he is in. His legacy is cemented one of the best Bonds of all time. He brings the same elegance, and strength that he has in the previous films.

The acting is good across the board. Cristoph Waltz is good as the villainous Oberhauser, he isn’t very menacing, but the way that character got into Bonds head was very chilling. Naomi Harris, Ralph Fiennes and Ben Wishaw as Moneypenny, M, and Q are all great reprising their roles. Bond has a good back and forth with those characters. Dave Bautista plays Hinx, a henchmen to Oberhauser. As a kickass gun wielding henchmen he’s great, but he doesn’t utter all but one word of dialogue. Which is a shame because I really am a fan of his, and would have liked to see him at least have some lines.

The breakout star here is Lèa Seydoux. She was superb as the Bind girl in this movie. She has some flashes of being a bad ass, but also has great chemistry with Bond.

The problem I had with this movie was the story, not that it wasn’t executed well, I just wanted more. It isn’t hard to see where this one is going, and it definitely feels like a Bond movie, where as Skyfall and Casino Royale were just great films on their own merits. It’s very Mission Impossible 5, but not as fun or as well written.

Also, the title sequence here is one of the best ever in the series, Writings on the Wall by Sam Smith is a great song that played nicely with the opening titles. I really liked the score, you have the classic Bond themes, but some new melodies as well.

This is a beautiful film to watch, Craig kills it again as Bond, but this a step down from Skyfall, but still worth a watch.


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