“Sinister 2”- Review:

Another horror sequel? Let’s hope this one can break the horrific track record. Jason Blum’s production company Blum House is churning this one out as well. He’s a genius. They put 5-10 million into these movies, and they make their money back for the most part on opening weekend. Insidious 3 was the last horror sequel to come out of that studio and I thoroughly enjoyed that, chilling start to finish. They also had Unfriended that I also really liked. However they missed the boat with The Gallows which was one of the worst films of the year. So, all that being said, how was Sinister 2? The original was great, well directed by Scott Derickson, and acted by the films lead Ethan Hawke. It was just great.

This one isn’t at all. I went into it with weathered expectations but that being said this one isn’t great. Not horrible, but not great either. Let’s start with the acting by returning character Ex Deputy so and so (Jason Ransone). I don’t know how he was directed to act here, but boy did he ham it up. He just played this so over the top that he was laughable at times. I just couldn’t take him seriously. A perfect example of letting a side character be the lead in the film and it falling flat. Sometimes it’s better to go into the sequel with a new cast with the same type of story. A positive when it came to the performances was Shannyn Sossaman as Courtney Collins. She’s very likable and brought the story down to earth and did her best with what she was given. Her twins in the film did really well too, considering the movie focuses on the kids, they did what they could with the material.

There are some fundamental problems here. What made the first Sinister great? We really didn’t see a lot of the “Boogeyman” we saw him here and there, and a little at the end but we didn’t see him throughout. The mystery was there. In this he’s there most of the movie. The mystique and awe of him was gone and you just didn’t care.

Now the kids speak in this film. In the original they never spoke, it was creepy and just chilling. Now they are all characters in this movie and it just took away again from that mystique and mystery. In the first it was just out there to see those kids roam around running toward the Boogeyman in complete silence.

These two fundamental problems I have really fall on the shoulders of the director and the screenwriter. Some of the dialogue is just stupid at times. I just couldn’t bear to hear some of this stuff. The movies story is very bland and generic with nothing new or memorable to offer, other than takes on things done better by Scott Derickson the first time around.

The little films the children make of killing their families are great, and gory as they were in the first. That was the bright spot as well as the performances of the twins and Shannyn Sossaman. If you’re absolutely serious about seeing this movie just wait for redbox. You’ll get some of those signature Sinister moments but if you aren’t a fan of the original you won’t dig this one.


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