“Sicario”- Review

Denis Villeneuve made two of 2013’s best films in Enemy and Prisoners. Now he is at the helm of Sicario, a by the book FBI agent Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) volunteers to join a task force headed up by Matt Garver (Josh Brolin) and Alejandro (Benico Del Torro) that’s main goal is to end the war on drugs at the U.S. and Mexican border.

There is something special about how Villeneuve directs this movie. Not only are the action sequences filled with tension and suspense that leaves you on the edge of you seat, the moments that lead up to those action scenes are just as suspenseful. He had me on the edge of my seat throughout. The shots of the destruction in Mexico are bone chilling, one when Kate is looking out the car window to see four men hanging by their feet under an overpass.

That brings me to the performances of Blunt, Del Torro, and Brolin. All three deliver stellar performances. Matt and Alejandro are the kind of people who will do whatever it takes to catch the person behind all the terrible things the cartel are doing. Kate wants to catch the leader too, but by the book and with integrity. Villeneuve brings that juxtaposition to light and all three actors help play that up. You see the terror in Kate’s eyes, and you see that coldness that Matt and Alejandro have. They don’t like that it takes so much violence to get to the bottom of the situation, but if they have to they will.

The last hour of this film is directed very well by Villeneuve. Like the previous moments in the film that are filled with tension, the end is that cranked up 100 times. At this point the movie turns from a story about a by the book FBI agent (Kate) to one about a man set out on a path for revenge. I won’t spoil that for you. Though the end is fulfilling and you find yourself with your fist in the air by the end.

3 thoughts on ““Sicario”- Review

  1. I watched this movie and I give it 5 stars. Full of action, suspense, revenge. I also like the part where the four bodies were hanged upside down. Big ups


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