“Shaun the Sheep”- Review:

Shaun the Sheep is a movie based on a popular clay mated television show. Shaun and his flock are in trouble here and have to go into the big city to rescue their lost farmer, chaos ensues and we have our movie.

One of the really bright spots about the movie is that there is no dialogue. The sheep speak to each other in that peanuts way the other humans do. That womp womp womp. It was really cool to see that again, being a huge Peanuts fan, that kind of corky dialogue was always funny to me and still is. There is no speaking in this movie, and the story is simple enough that there doesn’t need to be.

It’s a really cute movie. Shaun the Sheep is really adorable, and I loved watching him lead his flock into the city and dealing with all the shenanigans that would occur when a flock of sheep roam free in New York City. The best being when they are all in a crowded restaurant mimicking one of the guests, as the flock tries to blend in as humans.

All in all Shaun the Sheep is a cute movie to take your kids to this summer if you’re all minioned out and have spent enough money on Joy and Sadness already. The story is paint by numbers, but your kids will fall in love with Shaun the Sheep, and will take the adults back to the Peanuts and Chicken Run days.


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