“Self/Less”- Review:


Damien (Ben Kingsley) , an extremely wealthy man who is dying from cancer undergoes a radical procedure that transfers his brain into a more healthy and younger man (Ryan Reynolds). He begins to uncover the mystery of the body’s origins and the organization will do whatever it takes to protect the cause.

A cast that has Ryan Reynolds and Sir Ben Kingsley in the lead, will always peak my interest. Those are two really great actors and I’m an unapologetic fan of Ryan Reynolds. So when the trailers started to drop for this movie I was in. The premiss was pretty original and it looked pretty well shot by Tarsem Singh. Did this one live up to the hype?

Personally I really enjoyed this movie. Ben Kingsley is only in it for about twenty minutes, but his performance was great, per usual. Once his mind is transferred into Ryan Reynolds body is when the movie really starts. There is a really well shot montage by Tarsem Singh, you get to see the new lavish lifestyle of Ben Kingsleys mind in Reynolds body. He’s having sex with all these beautiful women, playing basketball, and out partying.

As things begin to unravel here is when the film takes a darker turn. Damien begins to see flashes of Marks life, Mark is the name of the man who’s body he inhibits. He is supposed to take a pill to suppress the memory’s of the body he’s in. Damien begins to feel guilty as he was lead to believe that these bodies were designed in a lab, not uprooted from a life and forced into this. Damien wants to help this family now and you can see why he wants to support them.

Some of the action scenes towards the end were a bit over the top and nonsensical but I really enjoyed this film. It is worth a watch.



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