“San Andreas” – Review

San Andreas is a disaster movie set in downtown LA and starts Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario,and Carla Gugino. At the helm is Brad Peyton, who has worked with Johnson previously in Journey 2.

Charming, charismatic, electrifying, these three words are usually attached to one man. Dwayne Johnson. He’s come along way from his WWE days. Maybe he can go from having his name on cards at the Garden to having his name before the title on a movie poster. Like movie star should. He’s on the brink let’s see if he can cement his name in Hollywood royalty. He’s been used as franchise Viagra, bringing the Fast franchise, G.I. Joe and Journey to the Center of the Earth out of obscurity let’s see how he handles the world of natural disasters. San Andreas is the first big budget film that The Rock has had to carry on his own broad shoulders. Let’s see if his name alone can bring people out.

Fun. That’s the one word that can describe this film across the board, just non stop fun. This is why you go out to the movies, to see a grand spectacle like this and shut your brain off. Brad Peyton did a great job raising the stakes from scene to scene. I felt like I was there and I needed to escape the various earthquakes and tsunamis. It’s directed spectacularly and the cinematography is top notch. I felt like I was on an amusement park ride at times which is a good feeling during a film like this. You want to be swept up into the havoc.

I’m not going to get into the story because there really isn’t one here, when they do try to develop the characters and give Ray (Johnson) and Emma (Gugino) some dramatic moments it doesn’t detract from the film, but it doesn’t really add anything either. It was good to see Paul Giammati here pretty much filling in the blanks for the audience and letting everyone know just how catastrophic everything is. That’s where his characters importance begins and ends. Alexandra Daddario is a beautiful woman and it’s always good to see here and she plays well off of her on screen parents.

I think this one will do well finically. The name before the title should be enough to get you to come out and the spectacle should be intriguing to main stream audiences.

The Rock shines in this type of role where he is very reactive to what’s going on around him. There are some comedic moments that had me literally laughing out loud which I didn’t see coming. I say you should see this one on the big screen, you’ll have a great time.

6/10 stubs.

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