“Risen”- Review:

Resurrection told from the eyes of a non believer Clavius (Joseph Fiennes) a powerful Roman military leader and his aide Lucius (Tom Felton). They are tasked with finding out what happened to Jesus in the weeks following his crucifixion, to prevent an uprising in Jerusalem and the emergence of a messiah.

The trailers for Risen hooked me. An iconic event, told from a different perspective is risky. The trailers left me in good standing as to how the story will be handled. The religious movies always do well, God’s not Dead, Heaven is for Real, and War Room all have crushed in the box office and had staying power coupled with a steady take at the box office. War Room had a budget of 3 million and made 67. Heaven is for real was made for 12 million and took in 91. Finally God’s not dead was made for just 2 million dollars, and took in 60. You now see why studios continue to churn out these biblical films. Let’s see how Risen fairs in comparison.

Joseph Fiennes performance as Clavius is solid. Clavius goes through not believing, and doing whatever he can to find Jesus and bring him back, to finding him and becoming overwhelmed with compassion. That arc was natural, nothing sudden and it came about organically. Tom Felton is good as the apprentice to Clavius who now has to be the guy in Clavius’s absence. He was reluctant to go against his teacher.

All in all this was a good experience. The visuals were solid, and the performances were good. My problem is that all these Christian movies push that religious agenda on you at the end, but here it wasn’t as obvious. If you want to see a decent hunt, and award and sandal movie then it’s worth checking out.

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