“Ride Along 2”- Review:

Ice Cube and Kevin Hart are back for the most anticipated movie of 2016, Ride Along 2. It’s predecessor wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be, it had its moments, nothing special though. I viewed it as an attempt to take advantage of the 21 Jump Street craze of the previous year. It couldn’t touch that film, in most respects. The worry that everyone had with that sequel was that it wasn’t going to be nearly as good, and many thought it would just be garbage. It was arguably better than the original. So, my question is why follow up a film that was just ok to mediocre at best with no real changes in from of or behind the camera? Money, that’s the answer.

This wasn’t as bad as I thought, which is saying something because I was really dreading this. Positives, Kevin Hart and Ice Cube are dynamic, they have solid chemistry and funny playful banter. Oliva Munn is a great addition. She adds a Rousey-esq badassness. She could’ve carried a cop movie on her own by now.

That’s really where the positives end. Tim Story pretty much directed a long music video, with underdeveloped characters and lazy writing. It’s the same premiss as the original, with pretty much the same beats along the way. 22 Jump Street did that well, playing up that unoriginality and spinning it into laughs. Everyone took this way too serious.

Kevin Hart’s movies tend to do moderately well at the box office, so we will likely get a third installment. I’m a fan of Cube, Hart and Munn. If they get a new crew behind the camera, this franchise could be something to look forward to. As of right now, you can skip this one.


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