“Race”- Review

Jesse Owens’ journey to becoming the best track star of all time brings him to the 1936 Olympics. Here he faces off with Adolf Hitler’s conquest to Aryan supremacy.

Playing Jesse Owens should make Stephan James a star. What Jesse Owens did for track was nothing short of what MJ did for basketball. A far greater accomplishment is what he did for track, right smack dab in the middle of Adolf Hitlers quest for Aryan superiority. For Stephan James to be associated with that event now, should do wonders for his career, as it did for Chadwick Bowesman. It’ll also be interesting to see how Jason Sudeikis does a more dramatic, serious and pivotal role about such a history changing event.

This is an intriguing film to say the least, and a pretty big departure from anything Stephen Hompkins has ever directed, Predator 2 being his most notable credit, with some TV muddled in there. Let’s see how this turns out.

It turned out great. Watching this story unfold was a magical experience. Stephan James did a fabulous job as Jesse Owens. I bought it. I felt his pain, his inner struggle, should he go to the olympics? Should he do what the NAACP asks of him and boycott? James is great in the track and field scenes, every time he wins, you feel his triumph, and when he loses you see the disgust on his face.

Jason Sudeikis was on par with James as his coach at OSU Larry Snyder. The chemistry between the two was key, and they really did well. I felt Iike every time Jesse and Larry were talking that Jesse was learning something noteworthy. Every conversation mattered. Sudeikis brought a legitimacy to his role. Absolutely crushed it.

My only problem is that Hompkins spent a lot of time away from the track. The scenes with Owens and his wife didn’t really work. It just felt shoehorned in. Everything else was top notch. This is worth checking out.


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