“Pride Prejudice & Zombies”- Review:

When I saw the trailer for this I had mixed feelings. I’m a huge fan of Lily James, and watching her kick some ass in the trailer had me a bit intrigued. Of course having read Pride & Prejudice during school added to my curiosity, so I read the book of PPZ, and I have to admit, I had some fun with it. It has that Pride and Prejudice feel, with the right amount of Zombie gore to knock you off your feet. Will the movie have the same effect?

It did for me. The acting was great. Lily James played Elizabeth beautifully. She had her own way of thinking, she was strong, courageous, and shy as well. Portraying all these emotions throughout really showed how great of an actress she is. Her star shines here.

The other Bennett sisters were fine as well, but you could tell that they weren’t as important to the story as Elizabeth, but with the limited time on screen, they had their moments.

The one glaring problem is with the direction. Sometimes Burr Steers does some great things with the camera. He captured some great moments here, and got good performances out of his actors. Some of his transitions are just poor, a lot of fade to black, then fading back in. When characters were traveling they showed the progression on a map many times. It got a bit tiresome.

I had a blast with PPZ. Lily James should be a superstar by now. She kicked ass in this movie. Some of the direction was promising but, ended up being watered down and plain Jane by the time it was through. Fun action, some decent zombie stuff, and Lily James should bring you to the theater for this.


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