“Poltergeist”- Review:

We have another horror remake on our hands with Poltergeist which stars Sam Rockwell and Rosmarie Dewitt. Hollywood just keeps churning these out one after another. Just add this one to the list of not as good as the original. It doesn’t have to be but the comparison with a remake and original will always happen no matter what. This one couldn’t even capitalize on what made the first one special.

Let’s get the positives going first. The performances are fine across the board. Sam Rockwell is the Sam Rockwell in every movie, which is quick witted and very funny. Rosemarie Dewitt is solid as his wife as well along with the three kids they have. They just don’t have a lot to do here.

It’s almost like the filmmakers didn’t know what kind of movie they were making. At first it was very serious and took itself very seriously almost to serious. Then all the characters were being campy and joking while trying to save Maddy from the evil forces. It was such a jarring and sudden change in tone that really left me wondering what they were going for. If the film was campy throughout, that’s fine, but be campy and go all the way with it. I would’ve been fine with a campy horror flick. The change in tone is just to jarring. The paranormal hunger in the movie was just there to tell jokes the whole time, in the middle of trying to find this kid, I understand trying to lighten the mood but seriously? Save the damn kid. That isn’t my biggest problem with the film.

The biggest problem and the thing that ruined the experience was the over over over use of CGI. Without exaggeration it feels like I was watching someone play a video game. Who said that this looked okay in post? It was like an animated film at times. The thing that made the original so good, along with the tension was the use of PRACTICAL effects. I understand times have changed, but it was seriously like an animated film or video game.

If you haven’t seen the original buy it on bluray and skip the theater for this one. Some Tweens will have some fun with this on a late night, but true fans of horror won’t get scared or even laugh when they try to get that out of you.


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