“Point Break”- Review:

This remake could have literally been called anything. It was nothing like the original from a quality, or story stand point.

Luke Bracey plays FBI agent Johnny Utah, who is a former extreme sports athlete. Bodhi (Edgar Ramierz) leads a group of extreme athletes in robberies to “liberate” the earth and the people it inhabits. Trust me it isn’t that deep.

I wanted to send John Wick after the director and writer of this. “The point, the point where you break.” That’s seriously a line of dialogue in this movie. It gets better, “Six seconds to die or fly”. I could barley stomach the dialogue.

The one positive is an action sequence in which Utah is chasing Bohdi while he climbs a mountain in Venezuela. That was pretty well shot. Other than that, nothing about this movie was unique.

No character development and the performances are wooden. You don’t care when the characters are trying conquer a feat, because you feel nothing for them. This could’ve been a revamped version of the original, even with the extreme sports element. It just wasn’t executed well at all top to bottom.


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