“Pixels”- Review:

Adam Sandler is getting his friends together again, to make another movie that will most likely be bad. Going into this movie my expectations were extremely low. Adam Sandler has pretty much burned the bridges he built on the back of films like Happy Gilmore. Jack and Jill, Grown Ups, and That’s my Boy among many other rom coms that aren’t romantic or comedic. I try to give Sandler the benefit of the doubt, considering as a kid he got me through hard times. He’s a funny guy, to this day I can believe that. He’s just done some really crappy movies the last ten years.

So what did I think of Pixels? Compared to the Sandler crap heap being the last ten years this definitely is better than those. Mainly because there is an actual premises that is intriguing. Fighting 80’s video games, that’s crazy. All that stuff was fantastic, when Sandler was fighting along side Josh Gad and Peter Dinklage against Pacman for example, it’s fun to watch. It just suffers from the same tropes of every other Sandler film. Most of the comedy doesn’t hit and there is another pointless love interest played by Michelle Mongahan.

Every problem you have with Sandler movies you will with this one. Some of the comedy hits but not enough of it to make this worth seeing. The direction by Chris Columbus was good during the big boss battles but other than that, you can catch this one on cable and have a fun time.


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