“Pitch Perfect 2”- Review:

We’re back Pitches!!! Our favorite a Capella singers are back in this sequel to the hit that came out back in 2012. The same actresses are back to reprise their role: Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow , Rebel Wilson as the always funny Fat Amy, and Elizabeth Banks as the over the top play by play woman of the A Capella competitions, she also directs the film.

The Barden Bella’s get stuck in a sticky situation at a performance for the President and are expelled from BU. a proposition is made to possibly reinstate the talented group. Here come the laughs, and the toons!

Let me start by answering the inevitable. This isn’t as good as the original, but it doesn’t have to be. This is still a solid follow up to its predecessor. The story is simple enough to get us from joke to joke which is what’s most important in a comedy such as this. We don’t need Shakespearian type story telling in a movie about collegiate a Capella. It’s a fine story. The jokes hit hard and I did get some gut busting laughs. The cast does a great job playing off of each other and they didn’t skip a beat.

Anna Kendrick’s star continues to shine in this one. She’s just so like able that you are rooting for her from the very beginning. Her character Becca is now the leader of the Bella’s and she really infuses her flavor into the groups performances. Rebel Wilson plays Fat Amy and she is even more funny and is even more outlandish than before.

Hayley Steinfield is the new blood that is brought in and she is brilliant as always. If that was really her singing she could be a superstar from here on out. She would have been anyway but it never hurts to have a good voice. Look at Anna Kendrick. She’s been taken the musical movie world by storm with the two PP films, Into the Woods and The Last Five Years. If they are in a position where the film makers want to center the sequel around Hayley Stenifields character they would be just fine. She was phenomenal.

Our main antagonists are the Sound Machine. They are a German group that are multi time world champions. If we needed a suitable rival for the Bella’s the Sound Machine is defiantly that. They really give off that intimidation.

The Choreography here is awesome. The synchronized dancing is so on point and crisp from both groups in the film that it really adds an element of energy that kicks it up a notch.

The directing by Elizabeth Banks is superb. She got great performances out of all her actresses and kept me laughing throughout.

All in all this is a solid follow up to the original. If you’re a fan of the first one you’ll love this one and you will definitely buy the soundtrack because the mashups are fantastic. If you just look at this as a comedy it works as well. The jokes hit hard and hit often. See it asap!


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