“Peanuts”- Review:

Good grief! Charlie Brown is coming to the big screen! I couldn’t be more excited. I grew up with all the holiday specials and watch them to this day. I love Charlie Brown as a character, everyone can relate to the hardships he faces. Just strings of bad luck just hover over his head. All the side characters are great to, whether it’s Linus, Pigpen, Schroder, Lucy, Peppermint Patty, Sally, and of course Snoopy and Woodstock. How will this transfer to the big screen?

This movie will be a big hit. Peanuts is just one of those movies that you will smile throughout. It’s like a long TV special, you get what you expect from a Charlie Brown story. Charlie just runs into bad luck everywhere he turns, and he takes it to heart and it really brings him down. You just find yourself wanting to just give the kid a hug and tell him it will be okay.

It follows the same Peanuts formula, but that works to its advantage. All of Charlie’s friends are just as funny as they always are. Lucy has her psychiatrist booth open in the neighborhood which always got a kick out of me.

Snoopy and Woodstock have a little side story, where he is trying to find his long lost love in the World War I era. A red aviator plane is chasing him while on this journey. It was a cute little side story.

Charlie is trying to win the love of the new girl at school in this movie, and as you would’ve thought, he goes through the ringer trying to get her attention. You know where this ones going, but once you get the payoff, you just are overcome with happiness.

If you’re a Peanuts fan, you will love this movie, even if you aren’t a lifetime fan, you will have a lot of fun. Charlie Brown is as lovable as ever and that’s why you go out to the theater to see him.


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