“Paul Blart 2”- Review:

Kevin James stars in a sequel to his box office smash hit Paul Blart Mall Cop. It’s directed by Kevin Fickman and written by Paul Blart himself Kevin James. This has to be the best movie of the year right!? Maybe of all time!?! Force Awakens? Furious 7? Age of Ultron? Move over here comes the segway!

I’m glad I made it out of that alive. I really thought I wasn’t going to make it. I at least expected to laugh once. Or even chuckle but they didn’t even give me that. I was waiting for laughs that never came. I remember when seeing happy Madison productions was a good thing. Now it’s a hard pill to swallow. This movie does have one thing going for it. We finally have a movie worst than Jack and Jill. It took years but we finally got it.

I try to find one redeeming quality leaving the theater. One gag, one good performance, maybe even one cool shot. I got nothing to say that is positive about this film. I watched Kevin James fall down for an hour and a half. I think he falls down or runs like an ass in every scene. Spoiler alert. They should’ve have called it Kevin James falls down 2: Las Vegas edition. That’s the gag. He falls down.

The directing is like you’re watching a TV teen Disney flick and the writing is just as pedestrian if not worse. There aren’t any innovative camera shots (not like I expected any) or even decent camera work. It’s just like the director was forced to shoot it. He put the camera there and had left for the day. There’s no way any director would let these actors get away with such poor performances and delivery. I was happy when it ended. I laughed during the first Paul Blart. This one didn’t even get me to chuckle.

I like that Adam Sandler sends his friends on vacation to make a movie. They get to be in Vegas in this and it’s like they were in Idaho. I didn’t even feel like I was in Vegas. Vegas should act as another character in the movie and it’s just a place where the characters are staying.

Please don’t bother with this movie. For your own sake please.

0/10 stubs.

Don’t even stream it illegally

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