“Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension”- Review:

This franchise is a staple of modern day Halloween. We pretty much get a new Paranormal Activity every year. I know these films do get a bad wrap, but personally I am a fan of this franchise. I love the original, and the others are halfway decent horror sequels, in a world where horror sequels are hard to get right. There’s some pretty good tension building, and the brains behind this franchise have attempted to overlap a story that spans all the films. Let’s not get it twisted, these aren’t the highest quality movies, in this one I’m just looking for some tension, and some answers to questions posed by the other films. Maybe some campiness to?

If you’re a fan of this franchise then you’ll enjoy Ghost Dimension. It’s the same formula used in the previous five films, introduce ghost, hunt ghost, ghost kills. There’s still some jump scares, like there have been throughout, but if you just know that you’ll get some of those, then they are easier to bear once they do come along. Sometimes it’s tedious, but it comes with the territory.

The characters are nothing, wooden, cardboard cutouts that just take us from scare to scare. The story is the same as the other movies. No depth, but what did you except?

All in all there’s nothing really to note, this is the same as the other five, if you like the other five you’ll like this one to. If you aren’t a fan of this franchise, then you won’t like this one at all. These movies are meant to be a fun time at the movies, with a packed house and some good ole jump scares and ghosts. That being said , this is the last one, but if you know anything about the way Hollywood works, take that with a grain of salt.


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