“Paper Towns”- Review:


John Green struck gold in June of 2014 when The Fault in our Stars was released. It was a hit with fans, critics, and readers of the book. More important than that is how big of a hit that was at the box office. The budget was 12 million and made back 300 million. Those numbers are obscene. People went to see it in droves, no one expected numbers like that. So it wasn’t a surprise that John Green’s next book was going to be adapted.

Being a fan of John Green’s work, I was very excited for this. I loved the book and I loved his previous book, The Fault in our Stars and that movie was spectacular as well. He’s one for one so far, let’s see if bringing over Natt Wolf from the previous film in a small role and giving him the lead in this will translate well alongside Hollywood new comer Cara Delivigne.

John Green can’t do wrong. This one is another solid adaptation. The young actors here do good work. Natt Wolf as Quienten is the standout. You believe the love he has for Margo (Cara Delivigne) and the night they spend together is one wild ride that you just really enjoy watching. The whole movie feels like that. You’re on a journey with Quinten Ben and Radar to find Margo after she runs away from home. It turns into a great coming of age road trip movie. That’s where it’s at its best. When they are out on the road. The whole cast plays off each other really well and it is a joy to watch. This movie isn’t just a road trip movie, it’s a movie about the idea of someone being better than the person themselves. Quinten had this vision of Margo in his head, and that vision was better than Margo herself. That was a lesson worth learning and I’m glad the movie explored that.

The movie was paced well, the same writing team from The Fault in our Stars, write this one, and the jokes did play well. However there was some parts of the movie that really just could have been cut out. There just wasn’t a need for them.

The movie changes up some things from the book, and that’s fine with me because I did still enjoy this movie quite a bit. Definitely worth a watch.

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