“Pan”- Review:

Joe Wright has decided to take on the very tall task of telling the origin story of Peter Pan. I will give credit where it’s due, the trailers for this movie, on visuals alone made me intrigued. Add to the mix that Hugh Jackman, Rooney Mara, and Garrett Hundlend are all going to bring these characters to life, Wright has all the tools to make this movie great. World class actors, rich source material, and a built in fan base of the original. Can this movie live up to the hype?

The hype? It doesn’t quite live up to that. There are some things that make this a pretty solid watch. One of those being the acting. Newcomer Levi Miller is really fun as Pan. He brings that vulnerability that you need to play the character, and he brings that heart as well. You feel what he feels, wanting answers about his mother etc. What can you say about Jackman and Mara? They are world class and they are great in this movie.

Joe Wright is the problem here. He isn’t all bad though. Some of the visuals are absolutely stunning. However some are just hokey and look like its CGI, and bad CGI at that. The way the story is handled isn’t great either. He just tries to shoehorn so many things into this movie, he doesn’t need to do that. The material is rich and there’s no reason to try to take this to a greater level than it is. He really made it convoluted. It easily could have bee a half hour shorter, you feel the runtime in spots.

All in all there’s great performances, it has its moments visually, but that doesn’t outweigh the convoluted direction by wright.


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