“Our Brand is Crisis”- Review:

Oh Sandra Bullock, how we love you so. You are definitely Americas sweet heart. I love her, she is one of the best actresses working today. So knowing that the team that produced Argo, is producing this, with Bullock, Mackie, and Thorton on board, this has to be a great political film.

It isn’t. The good news is that Bullock is fantastic in this. Jane (Bullock) is brought back out of retirement by Ben (Mackie) to raise the polls of Senator Castillio (Joaquim De Alemida). The acting is solid across the board. Bullock delivers a great performance, stripped down, doing whatever it takes to get Castllio in the lead. You see her drive and determination, she just wants to do the job and get going.

The problem is that this movie veers way of course. When it focuses on the political back and fourth it’s pretty good. There is a scene when Sandra Bullock sticks her bare ass out the window, of a bus. That should tell you how off track this movie went.

Bullock and Mackie are great, other than that don’t waste your money. If you see it on cable you may dig it.


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