“No Escape”- Review:

Welcome to Asia. You’re going to love it here. Pierce Brosnan says this ironic line in the film, that stars Owen Wilson as Jack Dwyer, a dad who moves his family across the world on business only to be caught in the middle of a rapid war.

This one really slipped under the radar. The studio really didn’t market this all that well, and it’s a shame because this is a solid film. The director John Erick Dowdle does a great job of maximizing the tension and suspense as things get worse and worse for the Dwyer family. Talk about a raw deal. They weren’t even in Asia for 24 hours before sh*t started to hit the fan. Fifteen minutes into the movie you’re already on a wild ride with the family. Lake Bell plays the wife in this and she does serviceable work. It’s more of an ensemble. The family plays well off each other and Pierce Brosnan brings some comedic relief when the movie gets a bit bloated.

In other movies like this, you really do end up wasting some time with the family “pre disaster”. Don’t get me wrong, some movies over do that aspect and some under do it. This one didn’t have enough of it. You got a scene of them on the plane and then once they touch down all hell broke loose. They did try to give us some family building moments as the war raged on, and I commend the director for that.

Not really much else to say here. I was on the edge of my seat through out it and it is a quick hour and forty minutes. It’s a slow week at the movies so this is worth a watch.


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